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hey vani hit me with some PJO/hoo headcanons



  • the first time jason flew, he shot straight up and hit a chandelier. lupa wasn’t pleased. 
  • the first time reyna visits camp-half-blood officially, they play capture the flag. reyna demolished the opposition and was declared an honorary member of the ares cabin.
  • there’s a hair salon on olympus called a cut above.
  • hazel has this mortal fear that if frank turns into a goldfish, he’ll lose his memories of her because goldfishes have like 3-second memory spans. 
  • annabeth does not talk to her mother after the war.
  • sometimes when leo’s feeling lonely, he sleeps on the argo ii, on a chair next to festus. the dragon reminds him that anything can be fixed if you try hard enough.
  • after the war, hazel’s curse is broken, and she starts a jewelry line with piper when they’re older. 
  • percy gives leo a sprig of moonlace.
  • percy thinks the percy jackson and the olympians movie is hilarious, mostly becuase annabeth’s a brunette.
  • nobody realizes how badass the hecate cabin is until the first capture the flag game after the war. the demigods of hecate create decoys of their whole team and laugh by the sidelines as the other teams spars with mist. 
  • frank’s favorite song is roar by katy perry. 
  • piper tried to teach percy surfing. he picked it up so quickly that piper felt insulted and now she only surfs with jason, who sucks in the water anyway.
  • jason tried to teach thalia once. she was okay floating midair with her eyes shut tight, but percy distracted her by throwing a pine cone at her and thalia opened her eyes. she screamed, shot up, and crashed right into her pine tree. percy nearly peed himself laughing.
  • annabeth and leo love phineas and ferb.
  • when percy was gone, and annabeth visited every week, she and sally got really close. percy often comes back from school to see annabeth spread out on the couch and talking to his mom like she’s lived in his house all her life.
  • annabeth and reyna attempt to get chiron and lupa to have a talk without going animal. it doesnt work.
  • nico and reyna actually get along really well, united by a twisted, sarcastic sense of humour and the fact that they both love someone they can’t have.
  • piper and annabeth once caught jason, leo and percy singing wrecking ball in the poseidon cabin. they slowly backed away and make a silent pact that they hadnt seen a thing.
  • the first time jason gets drunk, percy and leo and frank put a mask on his face and a cape on his back while he’s passed out and when he wakes up, they tell him he got so messed up he went around pretending to be a superhero called jaseman.
  • nico likes all candy except the blue ones.



*takes a deep breath* I will not let this fictional character ruin me

failed step one

Natalie Dormer and Katie McGrath do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge