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"What has Hector ever done to me?"

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Title: Free! Eternal Summer ED FUTURE FISH Makoto Tachibana
Artist: Makoto Tachibana (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
Played: 4612 times

FUTURE FISH Makoto Tachibana (Suzuki Tatsuhisa) Solo Version.


Look here pal waveforms are by definition not straight so stop trying to iron out this celestial one.


Hannah in Season 10

if frank dies i’m deleting




If all goes well I should have a HeroesCon exclusive print run of this Miss America Chavez. I’ll only have 25 so if you’d like me to hang on to one for you please PM me. Other wise they’ll be first come, first serve. She’ll be one in a set of three prints I’ll be doing this con season. This one for HeroesCon, the second for Baltimore Comic-Con, and the third; the week after that, for Wizard World Richmond.





guys this all started off as fun and games but now she’s directly misgendering people, she’s fucking reblogging people’s selfies and insulting them even tho they didnt do anything, and she’s being directly ableist to people

SIGNAL BOOST GUYS. this is not okay. NOT OKAY. please everyone report her blog to the staff now.


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yes hi i haven’t forgotten about this ask i took a nap and then ate dinner while being on mobile so imma do this now

  1. i like to say that i dress v cutely (is that even a proper sentence idc rn)
  2. my handwritings rly cool i like that
  3. i’m polite to others
  4. i’m good at coding and make p cool themes
  5. i’m good at cooking